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Baptists in Israel Celebrate 100 years

Baptists in Israel Celebrate 100 years April 20, 2011
We wish to send you our greetings from the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel. Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!We are excited about the 100 year celebration of Baptist witness in the Holy Land, to be held on May 12-14, 2011. This special occasion will be hosted at the Nazareth Golden Crown hotel, located on beautiful mount Precipice, overlooking the Jezrael valley. The gathering will end with a mass baptismal service in the Jordan river

The first Baptist Church in NazarethBaptist work in the Holy Land began in 1911 by Shukri Mosa, an indigenous man from Safad, who was baptized by George W. Truett in First Baptist Church-Dallas. Work was adopted by the Southern Baptist Mission Board in 1920. In the 1920’s through the 1940’s, the churches in Nazareth, Jerusalem and Haifa were very well attended, but the 1948 war scattered many believers. The Nazareth Baptist Church membership was only five people when the Baptists in the USA sent Dwight Baker, to lead the church in 1950. Baker saw 40 years of faithful work almost all erased and wrote: „Had it not been for the stout-hearted courage of the nationals, all would have been lost. A work that was heroically begun by Arab Baptists was just as heroically sustained by these indefatigable souls”.
Dwight Baker at Nazareth Evangelical Baptist ChurchThe 100 year celebration will be an opportunity for thanksgiving and celebrating God’s faithfulness; God has used Baptists and other believers that were scattered to lead Baptist and Evangelical work in Jordan and Lebanon. Within Israel, churches began to grow again and new churches were planted. There are 20 Baptists churches in Israel today that have a vision of being light and salt in the land where Jesus ministered. The celebration will also be a great opportunity to look forward to how to better serve God in the years to come.Distinguished guests at the event include several veteran missionaries who served in Israel for many years, such as Ray Register, Dale Throne and Norman Lytle. The event will be an opportunity to honor Southern Baptist missionaries together with veteran indigenous leaders, who labored together in building the work.

Historical Baptisms at Baptist VillageInternational speakers at the event will include John Upton, President of the Baptist World Alliance, Gordon Fort, Vice President for Global Strategy Office of the Southern Baptist Mission Board, David Coffey, Global Ambassador for BMS World Mission, and Suheil Madanat, church historian and pastor of Amman Baptist Church.

Local speakers will include Philip Saad, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Haifa, Yohanna Katanacho, Academic dean of Bethlehem Bible College, Khalid Dalleh, pastor of the Baptist Churches in Kufur Yaseef and Eilaboun, and Nizar Shaheen, director of Light for all Nations Ministries.

Registration to the event is still open. If you are unable to attend please pray that this event will bring glory to God. To send a donation and contribute to the cost of the event, or to help a local Baptist attend the celebration, you can do so online or send an email to

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– Bader

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Secretary and Development Officer
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